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Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in cough remedies, but it has other uses. It also has a few drawbacks that are not widely known. Here is some information to help you decide if it is right for you and your family.


Pros: A distillation of the leaves makes a remedy for coughs, colds and sore throats. It is readily available in lozenges and cough drops at many supermarkets and pharmacies. The leaves contain tannins which may reduce inflammation and are considered antioxidants.

Many vapor rubs contain eucalyptus oil, which may help relieve congestion. Health care providers often recommend it for conditions like bronchitis and the flu to help clear the chest of phlegm.

Like capsaicin, eucalyptus oil may be useful topically for arthritis and sores. Rubbed on the skin, it is a good insect repellent (though it may also be a "people repellent.") Some natural flea repellents for pets use eucalyptus rather than harsher Additional hints chemicals. The oil may be antifungal, especially when dealing with nail fungus on the fingers and hands.

Traditional use suggests it may be useful in treating diabetes. Preliminary studies concur, there may be some scientific merit to this use. However, more studies need to be done before it is safe to suggest using it for this purpose.

The eucalyptus tree is sometimes planted in boggy areas because it absorbs so much water. They may also reduce the salt content of some soil. Poor areas grow them for sale as timber, because they grow fairly quickly and quite tall.

Cons: Eucalyptus oil cannot be used around children under two years of age. Children under six should not be given any product with eucalyptus in it, as it can cause serious problems. When buying cough drops or vapor rubs for young children, make sure this ingredient is not in it.

If you have inflammation of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract or bile duct, don't take this product. Avoid it if you have liver disease or any sort of blood pressure problem. The tannins found in it can make these problems worse. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, don't use it. If you have asthma, use caution as it could cause an asthma attack.

There are several drug interactions with eucalyptus, so it's best to ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking a product containing it. Also, bear in mind that the oil is nontoxic when used on the skin, but it is toxic when ingested.

Pessimism comes from a Latin word 'Pessimus' which is a state of mind of an individual to think more about the negativities of life rather than the positivity. It is being dolorous rather than ebullient. Jack Cleary says that a pessimist is never disappointed. Yes it is true. Considering the person I have been I humbly brand myself as a pessimist, it is better to see the thorns along with the rose rather than just adore the beauty of the rose and end up hurting yourself.

Our expectation are more than our capabilities is it not salubrious to get acquainted with our capabilities rather than being an optimist and end up remonstrating. Lets take up a clear example from the scratch an old hindi film named 'mili' had an abrupt ending. The ending just showed a plane take off with mili in it for a medical cure. The rest was left for the audience perusal. An optimist here would say that the girl would be saved from the dreaded disease that put her into a coup de grace but is there anyplace, any human or any doctrine giving guarantee for life. Is it not true to face reality rather than staying in utopia? This topic is a phrase by Marvin, the paranoid Android who is a fictional character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy' series by Douglas Adams and we may find that the world has a very few pessimist and probably the greatest pessimist being the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.

It is not always true that hard work leads to success but most of the time hard work does one thing increases the level of hope and the feeling of achieving bigger goals, hard work acts as a shoe-shiner and we forget that when even after hard work failures are formidable then we are depressed. Optimism gives new hope to win battles but pessimism gives you a reason to be in the battle, on encountering defeat a pessimist would not be shattered because he never thought of winning he just thought of being in that place on the other hand defeat could torn asunder an optimist, even a win can make a pessimist happy but emerging as a vanquisher an optimist would feel himself to be of erudite importance and sky rocketing qualities which might denigrate his performance or his dedication towards his work.

A person living in slums is optimistic about his future life being flatulent but to achieve this he might not always use the righteous way he might turn to a thief and get his rich lifestyle just because his optimism gave him a fresh lease of life but is it correct? A pessimist knowing that he is not born to be fed with a silver spoon strives hard to work without thinking of its ramifications, for him playing the game of life is more important than winning. In Indian politics for so many years we have been optimistic about a conclusive Indo-Pak talks but the deadlock is far from over. The Bhopal Gas tragedy took place in dec 1984 but to this date no final conclusive evidence against the accused is given we are still optimistic? We are optimistic but even then we say "justice delayed is justice denied".

Optimism and pessimism are a paradoxical situation and I as an individual would describe this in the words of Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci

"I am a pessimist because of intelligence, an optimist because of will". I choose intelligence to will.